What I learned from planning a Wedding

1 Sep

I learned I can achieve any goal I put my mind to, something that I had not had reinforced in a long time.  I learned anything is possible with a little tweek..even when our wedding money got tight I found other ways to make things happen and learned it was okay to let other people help.  I learned there is always going to be someone negative in the crowd and chances are they are just a negative unhappy person and I should not take what they say to heart.  I learned I really am a good planner and I can get organized if I need to be.  I learned a vision really can be a reality it just takes hard work and attention to details.  I learned there are a lot of people out there who care deeply for me and would do anything for me, while I always knew it the wedding process really made this come alive for me.  I learned that everything does happen for a reason, I waited a very long to time to find the man of my dreams and my wedding day would not have been as special with out him being with me on the journey.  I learned it is okay to fight about little things as long as you work it out in the end and know that you love each other which is always more important than what ever you are fighting about.  I learned that planning a wedding is like a second job and every women who plans one should be complimented and applauded for all their work. I learned that sending RSVP and thank you notes in a timely matter is really important and not to be taken lightly.  I learned that no matter what flaws you see in yourself every day on your wedding day your inner beauty and happiness shows through!


And now we are married

25 Aug

12 days ago, I walked down an isle that changed my life.  I’m not going to lie I was filled with so much emotion I thought I might burst.  It was an amazing experience one I wish for everyone to have.   Looking at the man you love and knowing from this moment on you will be his wife that the rest of your life you will have a partner to live your life with a person to love you unconditionally forever, how amazing!  The reception was awesome as well, so great to see all those people who you know in one space, drinking, dancing,socializing and having all around good time!  The honeymoon was beautiful as well, though we will not be traveling any where tropical in August again, talk about hot!

Now we are back to normal life, of dinners at home, tv not in spanish and work. 

What’s next

5 Aug

As my to do list dwindles I begin to wonder what will now consume all of my time.  For the last year, I have planned, organized and created my wedding.  Shortly my plate will go back to being normal again.  What an odd feeling, it is hard to remember what I did before googling this that and the other wedding thing, making random wedding crafts.  While I am sad to see this time go, I am looking forward to what is next.  What thing will I focus on now.  A few have been running through my mind, my finances, seriously need to get a better bill pay organization/ debt depletion going on.  My fitness and nutrition need to find something new to do that I enjoy work out wise, and need to hone my diet to be more real with a few indulgences instead of the other way around.  I also would like to commit to something fitness related, I always think I want to be a runner, but that never seems to pan out, so I’m contemplating cycling or maybe yoga.  I also really need to get more focused on my school work, I need to devote more time to it and make that time count no more half way.  I need to get more organized in every area of my life.  I know where everything is and what I need to do but I really need to stream line some things to make my life easier.  Lastly I would like to find some sort of hobby, my hobby as of the last six months has been blog reading and while I love reading blogs I need something a bit more stimulating and creative, I have no clue what this one will be.

on the eleventh day to the wedding..

3 Aug

I finalized some details, on the 10th day to the wedding we make the final payment, on the 9th day, I have my final fitting and a shower at work, on the eightI finish making bridesmaid gifts, on seventh day I have my last big thing at work, on the sixth day we do some honeymoon shopping, on the fifth day nothing special, on the fourth day I have a spa appointment, on the 3rd day I breath, on the second day, we have rehearsal, on last day I get my fingers and toes done and pick up my dress and on the final day we get married!!!! 

Feel free to make it a song because I am sure singing it here:)!

License to wed

27 Jul

I picked ours up yesterday, seeing that little piece of paper was crazy cool!  I can not believe that the day is really almost here.   I still have a few crafts projects to wrap up, but for the most part the wedding is all done.  My goal is to be done crafting by this Saturday, so that I can enjoy the last two weeks extra work free, we will see how that goes!   This past weekend was my bachelorette party, such  a good time my maid of honor out did herself!

One Month

15 Jul

Can’t belive it one month from yesterday is the big day!   So much still to get done.  My second fitting is tonight and I am a little nervous, know I have to be exactly the same as I was two weeks ago is stressful.  Not that I think much can change in two weeks, but you never know.   The final day for our response cards is next Wednesday, I must say we only have a few MIA cards and for the most part the responses came in as expected.  At this moment are wedding will have the exact amount of people I envisioned.  I have a few craft projects to wrap up/ start some of which I really can’t even start until it gets closer( the downfall of chosing an edible favor).    We also meet with our pasture this weekend to discuss our ceremony.  All in all things are going well!

Almost six weeks…

1 Jul

Time is flying by.  I can’t believe that today is July 1st, where in the world did June go.  I have been busy….had my shower on Sunday and my first dress fitting last night.  Some days it seems so real and other days, I still feel like I am preparing for someone elses wedding.

At this point in the story, I really just want the day to hurry up and get here, I can’t wait to say I do, have fun at the reception and get on a plane for my tropical honeymoon.  Though I guess I should be careful what I wish for or July will fly by too, I need to make time to enjoy my summer and take breaks from wedding stuff.