The Right Combination

30 Mar

I know it has been ages since I have written, what can I say I am still a bit of a blog slack.  So my weight has stayed the same, yet this weekend I went up a size in pants.  Though the bigger size is to big the old size would not zip up a dilemma indeed.  This week I came across a picture of me from five years ago, my face is so angular, I miss that!  I really miss my old self looks wise.  While I am 100% happier in the inside than I was back then, I am still really unhappy with my outsides.  My body is just no what it should be.  However, I know I write that every time I post so I’ll digress. 

My latest problem is finding just the right combination of foods to get me through the day I do okay with breakfast and dinner, but can’t find an afternoon snack that will hold me over for more than a hour.  Which leads me to random snacks and be starving for dinner.  The sad part is I love the snack I am have been eating for a week and half and am not sure why it does not work, there is a healthy carb, protein, fat, and fruit.  If any one is still reading please give some snack suggestions.


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