Finding Balance

13 Jan

I’ve had this post in the back of my head for about a week now.  I finally found the time to sit down and really write it…I have something to admit I am all about the quick fix and the easy answer that requires as little work from me as possible.  I’m not lazy but I don’t like change and I hate failure, okay so maybe I do a have a small lazy streak. 

Since the new year I have contemplated three diffrent diets.  I read about them thought oh awesome here is the answer I have been waiting for then a week later, I found a new one and thought the same thing.  I was sitting her eating a snack of yogurt which I used to eat for breakfast everyday for years on Saturday and I turned to my husband and said why do people stop doing thing that work for them, and he said do you mean why do you do that…and i thought for a minute and yes I do do that why do you think that is….he said you are to into fads you see something  read how great it is and think it is going to work for you, when in reality you have yet to find a complet thing that works for you, take that yogurt you use to eat it everyday you loved it and it kept you full till lunch..then you read some blog of book or magazine that said this is the best breakfast and switched and have never really had a great breakfast since the yougurt.  This is all true I thought which lead me to think how I really need balance in my life, I don’t do well with strict meal plans I tend to really start to miss things which leads to binging.  I am going to go back to Weight Watchers.  It really worked fo rme in the past, plus it allows for me to eat normal yet still plan ahead and eat well.  

As for working out the same thing applys, I tried doing Chalene Johnson workouts with no results, I really got sick of doing the same thing over and over again and again.  I think I really need the gym lots of choices of cardio, classes, however I can still do some DVD’s that I have come across that I have enjoyed and feel the benifit of. 

I am also looking for some balance in the rest of my life to, more challenges and fellings of accomplishement.


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