What I learned from planning a Wedding

1 Sep

I learned I can achieve any goal I put my mind to, something that I had not had reinforced in a long time.  I learned anything is possible with a little tweek..even when our wedding money got tight I found other ways to make things happen and learned it was okay to let other people help.  I learned there is always going to be someone negative in the crowd and chances are they are just a negative unhappy person and I should not take what they say to heart.  I learned I really am a good planner and I can get organized if I need to be.  I learned a vision really can be a reality it just takes hard work and attention to details.  I learned there are a lot of people out there who care deeply for me and would do anything for me, while I always knew it the wedding process really made this come alive for me.  I learned that everything does happen for a reason, I waited a very long to time to find the man of my dreams and my wedding day would not have been as special with out him being with me on the journey.  I learned it is okay to fight about little things as long as you work it out in the end and know that you love each other which is always more important than what ever you are fighting about.  I learned that planning a wedding is like a second job and every women who plans one should be complimented and applauded for all their work. I learned that sending RSVP and thank you notes in a timely matter is really important and not to be taken lightly.  I learned that no matter what flaws you see in yourself every day on your wedding day your inner beauty and happiness shows through!


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