What’s next

5 Aug

As my to do list dwindles I begin to wonder what will now consume all of my time.  For the last year, I have planned, organized and created my wedding.  Shortly my plate will go back to being normal again.  What an odd feeling, it is hard to remember what I did before googling this that and the other wedding thing, making random wedding crafts.  While I am sad to see this time go, I am looking forward to what is next.  What thing will I focus on now.  A few have been running through my mind, my finances, seriously need to get a better bill pay organization/ debt depletion going on.  My fitness and nutrition need to find something new to do that I enjoy work out wise, and need to hone my diet to be more real with a few indulgences instead of the other way around.  I also would like to commit to something fitness related, I always think I want to be a runner, but that never seems to pan out, so I’m contemplating cycling or maybe yoga.  I also really need to get more focused on my school work, I need to devote more time to it and make that time count no more half way.  I need to get more organized in every area of my life.  I know where everything is and what I need to do but I really need to stream line some things to make my life easier.  Lastly I would like to find some sort of hobby, my hobby as of the last six months has been blog reading and while I love reading blogs I need something a bit more stimulating and creative, I have no clue what this one will be.


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