29 May

Well as I learned yesterday some realities are exciting and some are disappointing.  We are at the two and half month mark to the wedding give or take a few days . I made the final payment on my wedding dress and got to take it home.  So exciting to know my dress is near instead of in the bridal salon.  Now it is on to alterations which I am excited about/ not looking forward to.  After all the dress excitement I took a  sad trip to the post office, my invites will cost  $1.05 to mail, I love them so much but wow that is pricey I will try to post a picture of one soon.

Then I went shopping, with the record breaking heat I was in need of some shorts, I went to three stores and was less than pleased how they all looked.  I knew I was still going to be in the size that I have been in for months but I thought with the bridal boot camp they would at least fit better and look great, I have built some nice muscles but sadly they looked horrible and I purchased nothing.

So onward we go to try something new.  I saw several reviews of Jackie Warner’s new book and decided to pick it up.  So far I like what it has to say and am about 80% sure I am going to give her workouts and food plan a try for the month of June.  Wish me luck!


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