Waking up and smelling the coffee

25 Feb

This week, I have come to the realization that how you feel about your outsides effects your insides.  I has come to my attention that I have been in a funk.  Which is crazy this is the happiest I have been in my life and I am swimming in excitement about my up coming wedding.  But some where along the way I got lazy.  Lazy about my appearance, lazy about my goals, lazy about my health and fitness.  I got in the mindset that I had it all so I did not need to work any more.  While my life is wonderful, I have a loving fiance a beautiful house and the best dog ever!!  A new part of my life is truly just begging a life filled with completing past goals and making future one, a life of being happy on the inside and out all the time.  I life of getting past things that make me nervous or that I am not good at instantly, a life of new experiences and challenges.  As my title implies I woke up and smelled the coffee now it’s time to get back on track in a lot of area and go toward the next part of my life with my head held high!

As promised a detail of my wedding.  I am having calla lily and pink rose bouquets.  Sorry I can’t find a good picture of what I am hopping for.


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