Deep Thought Friday

21 Aug

I thought I would spend this morning doing a little writting based on some things I had read on a few other blogs, but first a little back story.  I have been a bit of a funk lately.  Unexcited about my workout’s and unmotivated to actually visit the gym to workout.  I have no real deep thought as to why I have been feeling this way.  However, a few weeks back I decided enough was enough and did some research to figure out what I wanted to try to get more excited about my workouts.  I discoverd that my local community ed.  was offering Zumb and Yoga classes for a good price.  I’m intrigued by Zumba though scared of it, as I am extremely uncoordinated.  When I first joined a gym seven years ago, I got into Yoga and really liked it.  However, since switching gyms a year ago their class schedule and my work schedule do not mesh well.  So needless to say I am excited to get back into yoga.  I also did some research on the P90x and ordered it last Friday.  My fiance and I will be doing this together, I am excited for us to be embarking on this little fitness adventure together.  I know that it will be hard and that my fiance will push me give it my all, I really need that push right now.  I have also been struggling with the scale.  I have been eating decent and counting calories yet the scale is not budging.  So when I saw Kath’s post about Real Food Consultations  I got excited but then had guilt about the money.  After a day of debating with myself I decided I am worth investing in and signed up.

So that leads here to deep thought Friday.  I saw a post about getting to know yourself here and here, and decided I wanted to share thought with all of you(by the way thanks to all of you who are actually reading my blog, it is neat to have readers.)

I Want – to finish school and become a teacher.

I Have – a very great life!

I Wish – for everyone close to me to find true happiness.

I Hate –  when people don’t follow through.

I Fear – not accomplishing everything that I really want to.

I Hear – lots of chit chat in the break room.

I Search –  the internet all the time!  :???:

I Wonder –  how the rest of my life will play out, it keeps pleasantly surprising me!  :grin:

I Regret –  not being more dedicated to my dreams when I was younger.

I Love – my family, friends, puppy and future husband!

I Ache – when I let little things bother me and add up.

I Always – try to put the people who matter to me first.

I Usually -procrastinate.

I Am Not –  good at talking about my feelings though much better than I use to be.

I Dance – when I have had lots to drink or am home alone and cleaning the house.

I Sing – only in the car, alone.

I Never –  am the first person to give my opinion.

I Rarely – have a spotless desk at work.

I Cry –  when I am deeply hurt, or when something pulls at my heart strings.

I Am Not Always – tidy.

I Lose – I’m not sure what to write here.

I’m Confused –  about math always have been probably always will be.

I Need – to get focused and I really need a hair cut and color.

I Should –  be working, but this is more fun.

I Dream –  of the future and all that is to come, as of late the big dream is of our wedding next summer!!!!!

I hope –  to get a teaching job quickly.

I feel –  a little sick today.

I appreciate –  all that I have, and that it is Friday!

My last deep thought I am participating in operation fat blaster mission 4

The first part of the challenge is to create an acrostic name poem – simple poems in which each the first letter of each line forms a word or phrase vertically it uses each letter of the name to begin an inspiring phrase.


A is for Authentic, no one else in this world is exactly like me.

N is for nerdy, in a cool way of course:)

D is for dedicated

R is for responsible

E is for enthusiastic

A is for attention to detail

Ok well this post is super long….if any of you use wordpress can you tell me how to make things I want to refer to, like other peoples post clickable.


2 Responses to “Deep Thought Friday”

  1. Michelle August 22, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Great job!! I love this entire post! And let me know how you like P90X – I’m a half P90Xer (started it earlier this spring then stopped when I won 5 months of personal training). But my son and I are starting it up again on the 1st of September. It’ll be fun to have another blogger doing it too!

  2. Betsy August 22, 2009 at 3:22 pm #

    I love this! I really love your poem and the “I…” statements! Good job! Can’t wait to hear about P90X…I only hear good things about it! : )

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